Frequently Asked Questions

Does Profs4U have its own payroll solution? 

Yes, all payrolling is done via FGRS. Please visit our sister company’s website:
If you are an Independent Contractor then you will have a direct contract with Profs4U. FGRS offers various payrolling facilities depending on your status. FGRS has a team of legal specialists who will keep you up to date with any changes in the fiscal or legal regulations depending on which country you work in.
For more information please contact Profs4U.
NL +31 20 723 0900
No. All our payrolling is done through our sister company, FGRS. Please visit the FGRS website at

Where does Profs4U operate? 

As of the 1st of May 2018 Profs4U operates in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal and has an office based in The U.K.

Profs4U is fully compliant with the new GDPR regulations and works in accordance with these regulations.
Depending on your status, payrolling or as an Independent Contractor, Profs4U’s payment terms are usually on a 30 day basis.

Who are Profs4U’s partners? 

Profs4U has built up partner relationships with many of Europe’s IT niche organizations. Some of our partners include: Infreurope, Soprasteria, ATC, and Scolten Awater.

Some of our International partners are only required to help fulfill specific client needs.

Does Profs4U have regular meetups and events? 

Yes, we do. We commonly organize regular events at least every 6 months.

Does Profs4U help with relocation and accomodations? 

We do our utmost to ensure that our consultants have a smooth relocation and are accomodated in the country where they will be working.

Does Profs4U have a technical forum? 

Yes, we do. Consultants have the opportunity to discuss any technical issues that they might be experiencing in our online forum.

I’m not an EU national, can Profs4U help me obtain a visa? 

Yes, we can in The Netherlands. Our sister company, FGRS is affiliated with the IND, which is the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service. For more information contact us about the process to obtain your visa in The Netherlands.