Profs4U is changing its name to Red Carpet IT Services

As from the 1st of January 2020, Profs4U will be trading as Red Carpet IT Services as the Trade name of Profs4U B.V.

All email addresses and the website will change and you will be re-directed to the Red Carpet IT Services website and social media pages. Our Linkedin profile will also be changed.

All legal and fiscal requirements and documents etc. will stay the same.
All agreements and contracts with companies and personal will be changed to Red Carpet IT Services when required.

The reason for the change of name is primarily that we want to be able to distinguish ourselves within the IT sector. We have in the past always proven that our capabilities far outshine many of our colleagues/competitors, ‘we do what we say and we say what we do’, and we do it right the first time!

We have had continuous growth over the last 7 years and we have proven to the market, that to sell & succeed in this business, that you must come from this business, whereas many others only see IT and the consultants involved as a commodity.

We have a mature team of IT experts within our organisation with a proven track record and we are certainly forging ahead with regard to Managed IT Solutions, Managed Staffing, Managed Services and the delivering of High-Level Specialised & Niche IT Resources.

With the name change to Red Carpet IT Services, we thoroughly believe that we can offer and an even higher standard of service than before and introduce many of you to a true,

SMARTSourcing is:

IT Recruitment by Real IT Professionals
Not Bots, Interns, or Sourcing Systems
A Comprehensive Understanding of Your Goals
Not Endless Feeds of Poorly Matched CVs
A Proven Micro Focused and Agile Approach
Not a Volume Based We-Do-All Broker



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